Monday, November 27, 2006

Frank and a pork pie hat

You may remember this sketch from the Halloween post. Click here if you missed it.I had wanted to make a Halloween card to send out to pals, and fans but didn't quite get it done in time. Anyway, here's the unfinished digital painting of Frank.

AND, here's an early design of Agent Kilcrop from the Unmen (from Vertigo, written by John Whalen). I think this guy is one of the more interesting, likable characters I've worked on in a while.



Urban Barbarian said...

Too cool! Great color on this piece, Mike!!!

Asa said...

How're you diggin' the digital paint stuff, man?

Ryan Cody said...

nice hat studies Mike, I had to do a few last night and always have trouble with the hats

Mike Hawthorne said...

Thanks fellas. I do's my best ;)

As for digital painting, I dig it. I wish I had more time to really learn to do it well, so it doesn't look Do I make sense?

Asa, I have a cover mock for a pitch I did a few years back I'll have to send you.


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