Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Why "pencils" don't matter

I scan my pencils now and printout blue lines to ink, so what I pencil with is all but irrelevant now. I can 'pencil' with a dried turd now if I wished, as long as it made the marks I wanted (No, I haven't used one..yet). For Sturgeon I'm using all kinds of tools to "pencil"; ink wash, litho crayon, markers, brush and ink, ball point pens, whatever.

The pencil art doesn't even have to be very tight, or clean. These pages are literally a mess sometimes, but who cares? The finished art doesn't depend on the pencils, at least not for THIS book, so I'm go at the pages like a cave man at times. Scribbling and scrawling marks however I please.

Anyway, enjoy.


I don't mean the pencil it's self, but the penciled page otherwise refered to as the "pencils".

PS- Almost forgot, just wrapped up week four of the Monster-a-day project!



Fabricari said...

"I can 'pencil' with a dried turd now if I wished... Best quote of 2007

Just added your blog to my news feeds, awesome!

Mike Hawthorne said...

Ahh, right on! Thanks, pal!


Unknown said...

Hi Mike how are you? My name is Mauro, do u remember me? I am a your italian fan!!
You are great, and i like very much the blog.
MAuro CAo

Brian Churilla said...

I'm really digging how you frame your shots. Great work.

Mike Hawthorne said...

Thanks folks! I appreciate the kind words.

And, yes Mauro I remember you from my forum! Glad you're checking out the blog.