Monday, October 08, 2007 is LIVE!


Today's the big day! The site is officially live, and the Hysteria web comic (in English AND Spanish) has begun! Also, Monster-a-day is offically caught up!

A ton of hard work went into this, and I really hope you all enjoy it. Go check it out.


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    Daniel Hardesty said...

    Congrats Mike! Site looks great and the hard work will pay off I'm sure. Uggh...only one page a day for the web comic, eh? Cheap son of gun, how dare you keep us waiting. Hehe.

    Bill at Comix Connection said...

    Well, isn't this swell! Looks good, man. I'll do a post about your new cool site, which will drive literally tens of people to you.

    Brace yourself.

    Mike Hawthorne said...

    HA! Thanks fellas! I appreciate the love!