Sunday, January 06, 2008

Dirty Girls

hey all,

So, tomorrow I'm starting a new weekly feature on to replace the completed project Monster-a-Day. It's also going to be next in line for a print series, after I wrap up Sweet Science. It'll be called Dirty Girls, and I'll be doing a drawing per week as a way to experiment and work out ideas. The best of the best will be painted and released as a series of prints. I'll also be selling the original art, once I'm ready.

Anyway, here's the intro and the first drawing:


Dirty Girls

Admit it, you love "everyday" girls. Sure, sometimes you may go for glamorous movie starlets, but more often then not it's that cute waitress with the greasy apron that steals your heart. Take it from me, I married a waitress ;)

To follow up my print series "Sweet Science", I'll be taking this year to experiment with a series of prints based on these lovely ladies. I want to get it just right, so I'll be doing drawings every-week featuring a new "Dirty Girl", trying to flesh them to speak. The best ones will make it to my easel and onto a full color print.

"Dirty Girls" is dedicated to all those ladies out there that might be fixing your car, painting your house, or remodeling your building. 

I love you!


So, look for the weekly lady and enjoy! ;)


PatrickWedge said...

This idea only has one direction to head.....upwards. :)

And I fully agree with you, the actresses and models are a pleasure to look at but those one moment glances are so much more unique. Can't wait!

Drawing it great too.

Mike Hawthorne said...

Thanks man! I think most normal guys would agree with us.