Sunday, January 17, 2010

Comic Twart art blog!

Hey everyone!

I'll be part of a new comic art blog called "Comic Twart" (no, I didn't come up with the name ;) It's the brain child of Chris & Laura Samnee, and they invited a pretty bad ass group of artists to be a part of the blog. The premise is that every week there will be a new character chosen for the group to draw. We will post our art as we finish it, starting every Monday. Each week will bring a new character.

This week's character is....ZORRO!! (who I've never drawn in my life and so have been fumbling through my version of him all weekend!)

Here's the list of contributors:

Mitch Breitweiser
Nathan Fairbairn
Declan Shalvey
Ron Salas
Steve Bryant
Tom Fowler
Andy Khun
Dan McDaid
Mitch Gerads
Evan "Doc" Shaner
Chris Samnee

AND your pal!
Mr. Hawthorne

Mitch B. already posted his bad ass rendition of ZORRO. Check it out.

While you're at it, maybe sign up to follow the blog. I have a feeling it's gonna'be good! (for you guys and gals anyway. Not so much for me. I gotta try and keep up with these monsters! ;)


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