Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Deadpool preview & process post

Hey everyone,

Marvel has floated some preview pages from my run Deadpool, and so I figured I'd put a process post up here. You process junkies can compare the pencils and inks.



Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Digital painting demo & my Concept art class at PCAD

Hello everyone,

You may have heard that I'm currently teaching a college class at the Pennsylvania College of Art and Design. 

The school is pretty fantastic, and best of all it's run by working artists. I'm really thrilled to be there.

Tomorrow is my second class and I'll be doing a live demo on digital painting, and thought I'd share part of the demo here. I'm going to use the following piece as an example.

The class is part of the Illustration curriculum, and the students have already impressed me with their ability and creativity. I'm really looking forward to seeing what happens with this group of artists!


PS - Some of you following this blog may have already seen this piece. Sorry for the partial repeat.

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

The cat is out of the bag - Deadpool

Hey everyone,

Marvel has announced my jumping in as tag-team artist on Deadpool with my good friend Tony Moore. They announced it with style! Just look at the above teaser image from Arthur Adams! Seriously, I remember reading Mr. Adam's comics as a kid and WISHING I could draw like him, so having him do covers for this is just tickling me silly.

Anyway, I can't show any pages just yet but I can shared some pages from my sketchbook. As you can imagine, a lot of sketching and figuring out goes into beginning any new project - and Deadpool was no exception. Here are a few pages of sketches that went into figuring out my approach to the character.

 I'm having a silly amount of fun on this series! Gerry Duggan and Brian Posehn have been a great team to work with. They are writing the hell out of this series and, along with our editor Jordan White, are trusting me to do my thing. Which I love.

 Check out the announcements here and here.

Thanks for all the support everyone, and I hope you enjoy the book...

..."hope" nothin', I KNOW you're gonna love the book ;-)



PS - The series is not going to affect my French books and the college class I'm teaching. The schedules are congruent, and all is good. So, no worries.

PSS - It seems that no sooner did the story hit the media that people started voicing concerns over my not having produced any art for the teaser. This is not because I haven't produced any art. In fact I've already handed in a couple of full issues.

So, again, no worries. I got this ;-)