Thursday, July 25, 2019

Last 5 Days!

Hello everyone! 
The countdown to the end has begun! 

I'm excited to get to the end of this and send this project off to the printer, but I'll be honest... it's been a blast running this campaign and I'll be sad when it's over!
 But, you can't halt progress! I'll be ordering the book, all the goodies and start matting sketches ASAP! We've lined up printers for the Anatomy Guide, the Poster, the Pencil, and will be getting matte supplies soon. Excited!  
We sold out of the 50 dollar tier (AGAIN!) so I added another 10 for anyone that feels they missed out. So, check for those. 
ALSO I'm offering a cover tier! I'd posted the art for a recent Superior Spider-man cover on social media and a couple of fans asked about my selling it with my art dealer, so I figured I may as well offer it here (at a discount compared to the covers sold on my Dealer's store!) as a tier for the campaign. And YES, you get both the pencils AND the inks! 

 These last 5 days are important, and I hope we finish off really strong. 

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Thursday, July 11, 2019

NEW material for the Anatomy Lectures Print Edition

Hey everyone!
I've been working on the new material for my Anatomy Lectures Print Edition. Lots of you asked for more female to male anatomy comparisons, so I'll be adding a good bit of that into the book. Hope it helps!
If you haven't already, hit the link above and grab a copy before the Kickstarter ends. Once the campaign is over I can't promise I'll have any of the incentives, so don't miss out!