Friday, August 26, 2011

Random Conan page

Hey all!

No news, just wanted to post a random page from Conan #7.

Have a good weekend. Those of you in the path of Huricane Irene, please be safe!


Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Ladies of Kill Bill

Hey all!

Thought I'd share this set of Kill Bill commissions.

I'm still open for commissions, so e-mail me to schedule a piece.


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Open for commissions

Hey everyone,

I'm open for commissions again. If you're interested, please e-mail me to schedule your piece - mhawthorne @

Commission sizes and prices:

11" x 17" - 300

8" x 11" - 100

There are other options for sizes and prices, so ask if you have any questions. First come, first serve.


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Comic Twart POWERGIRL process

I drew Powergirl for last week's Comic Twart theme. First time ever drawing the character. Hope you dig it.

And, for you process junkies, here are the the layers broken up. I drew the line art as minimally as possible because I knew I wanted to do much of the modeling in color to sell the idea I wanted.

The lightning was an effect done over the line layer in Photoshop. Drew it with the pen tool set to a round brush. Nothing fancy. The color layer is what was under the line art. The more I look at the color layer the more I think I need to skip the line art and just paint these things digitally. It's practically there already.

The color was a little rushed as I never have enough time to dedicate to these things. I like to think if I had more time, or was being paid for these and could justify giving them more time, I could push the modeling even more. Really give it depth. Anyway, the color was done by dropping a dark shadow color then with simple selections dropping the highlights and midtones in. Also used a pencil took, and a little brush tool for the tweaks.



Thursday, August 11, 2011

Conan #7 preview & process

Hey everyone, has a preview for Conan #7, so I figured I'd share the pencils for you "How-to" junkies. Hope you dig it.

There you have it. From pencils to final pages. Let me know what you think.


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Drawing in no time.

I wanted to tell you about something that just happened to me. Well, it's something that has happened to me most of my drawing life.

I was just in the studio drawing, which I do for hours and hours every day. No surprise there. But this was different in that I hit a point where I wasn't aware that I was drawing.

This happens, and has happened, fairly often. I'm not thinking about the work, not aware of anything around me, even the passage of time. I can't explain it. Suddenly something will hit me and make me aware of the actual act of drawing. Just now it was my pencil. Suddenly I was aware of watching the point of the pencil move across the paper. But it was as if I was watching some one, or some thing, else move it. Or as if I was watching a bug walking across the ground. Like I was watching something outside of myself.

Then my brain processed that it was indeed my hand moving the pencil, and I gave a kind of start. As if shocked that I'd been drawing. Drawing without the awareness of drawing can be a little unnerving.

I've always zoned out like this in the past, spending hours trying to work out a drawing, but lately it's different. I'm still zoning out, but now it's deeper. Like breathing, I'm not aware of the act at all. Maybe that part comes with mileage? Maybe the hands just learn to move without the brain to slow it them down? I don't know.

Sometimes this happens and I sit there then suddenly startle because it feels like the table or chair are moving, when they're not. Or that I'm falling. I guess the best comparison I can make is when you're dreaming and become aware that you're dreaming and start to wake up. It feels like that.

But being in the actual "zone" is a great thing. Not being aware of drawing, or anything else, you're also not aware of frustrations and shortcomings. The page feels like it's a mile wide, and you can draw forever and everything just... works.

That ever happen to you?


PS - Before one of you jokers askes, NO I wasn't high! I've never done drugs. Christ, look how weird I am now! Drugs would just make me a raving lunatic! ;-)

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Comix Creator Cookout August 13th!

Hey everyone,

Have you ever eaten at a soup kitchen? Have you ever had to accept food from an charitable organization? Ever have to scrounge for a meal?

I have. As a kid my mother and I were very poor, and we had to accept charity often. It was either that, or not eat. Literally.

I was a proud kid, so I resented it. I remember wearing my hat really low to try and hide as much of my face as possible while waiting in line in front of the Salvation Army, or while sneaking into a local soup kitchen. But I'm damned thankful now that they were available. The people that helped us never made us feel crappy about it. They were just being good people.

There you go. Now you know why I do the Comix Creator Cookout every year. It's nothing compared to the charity I received growing up. It's my humble "thank you" to all those folks that gave me a free meal.

I'm getting ready for this year's Comix Creator Cookout, which is being held this Saturday, the 13th. It's really the only public appearance I do anymore. I love it because I get to hang out with the most generous people I've ever met, the comic fans of Central PA! That's not understatement. These folks always go above and beyond when it's time to give.

Bill Wahl, my good friend and the co-owner of Comix Connection, and I came up with the cookout/signing idea the year that Mike Wieringo died and we raised money for the Heroe's Initiative in his name, as well as food donations for the Central PA Food Bank. Since then we've focused on the Food Bank because I think the need there is greater. And, for the reasons above, it's a charity that is close to my heart.

During the event I grill Greek style pork kabobs, burgers, and hotdogs free to for everyone that comes out.

(Hand made burgers, no frozen junk! And the kabobs are marinated for at least 24 hours! Only the best for my pals ;)

Once someone asked me why I'm "stuck" cooking while everyone is hanging out. I don't see it that way. I'm not "stuck" doing anything! It's my pleasure and honor to cook for these folks. It's my "thanks"to them for helping to support the Food bank and feed people who need it.

My pals Brian Keene, Jesus Gonzalez, and Dirk Shearer will be there signing their great novels, comics, and art prints.

(sorry, no pic of Dirk. Just Jesus, Brian, and me)

If you're in or around the Central PA area, please come out. Bring canned food donations, and get a free lunch. Hang out and have a good time. I'm giving art away to the top three food donations. Brian, Jesus, and Dirk will also have goodies on hand for folks.

So come out and say "HI". I'll be the guy in the apron ;-)


Monday, August 01, 2011

The Flash

This is an Insomniart and Comic Twart double feature.

The Flash, whom I do not think I've ever drawn before.