Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Order the New sketchbook!

Hey everyone,

Good news! You can order the new sketchbook at the Comix Buro store. 

The first 900 are signed by me.

Also, the Suart Ng online bookstore carries the Comix Buro sketchbooks. They don't have mine yet, I assume because my book just came out, but I hope they carry it soon. If you're not comfortable ordering from Europe then feel free to contact them and ask them to carry it.

Check out the previous sketchbook posts here.


PS - I'm hoping to offer a limited amount of special edition sketchbooks with personalized sketches in them. They'll be pricier than the Comix Buro or Stuart Ng stores, but I'll make them worth it. No news on when this will happen though, and if it does it will be in very limited numbers. 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Ghetto Manga: Undead Celebrities

Hey everyone,

I wanted to tell you about my friend Samax's independently produce art magazine Ghetto Manga.  I contribute to the magazine every chance I get, and this new issue is no exception. For this special "Undead Celebrities" issue I drew my favorite rapper, O.D.B.

Since I'm a contributor I got a special deal from Samax for any of you that might want to cop a copy of the magazine. If you use the following codes you can get either a 99 cent digital copy of the mag, or 10% off a purchase.

HAWT99 (digital downloads for 99 cents each)
HAWT10 (10% off total order before shipping)

Samax explains about the discount codes, "All people have to do is enter the coupon code and they will get their discount. The 10% code will work on anything in the store, in case they decide to order other stuff, like previous issues. The 99 cent code will work on any downloads, but right now Undead Celebs is the only download available. Your codes don't expire either, so they will work for future issues."

Here's a little more info on the magazine. "GhettoManga Quarterly Magazine is a comics anthology, street culture magazine, and unpretentious art rag all rolled into one. The "Undead Celebrities" issue of GhettoManga Quarterly is 64 pages, featuring a gallery of artists (including Mike Hawthorne, DTM Flores, Craig FLUX Singleton, and GoldiGold) resurrecting their favorite dearly departed icons for your viewing pleasure."

Check out this killer Thriller cover by Howard Russel!

Consider supporting Ghetto Manga. These dudes pour a lot of love into it, and are doing it all on their own!


Friday, November 09, 2012

Graphic Elvis!

Hey all,

I was checking out Paul Pope's cool new website, and I saw these great Elvis pieces he did for a book called Graphic Elvis. It reminded me that I had contributed to the same book!

You know you're overworked when you forget about books you've worked on!

Anyway, here is my piece. I hope you dig it.


PS - There was a story about the book on USA Today's website a while back. Check it out.

Thursday, November 08, 2012

French comic festival Quai des Bulles video tour & interviews

Hey everyone, 
 Here is a cool video from the Quai des Bulles festival I attended recently. There is a tour of the Comix Buro/Ankama art exhibition, the Comix Buro and Ankama booths, as well as some interviews with Olivier Vatine, Jean-David JD Morvan, and myself.


Saturday, November 03, 2012

Back from France!

Hey everyone,

I'm back from France where I was a guest of the comic festival Quai des Bulles in beautiful St. Malo, France. I had a great time, and met many wonderful people! Everyone in France welcomed me with nothing but generosity and kindness. I can't thank them all enough for their welcoming me, and all the love they're are heaping onto Oms en Série!

Oms en Série and Niourk were a big hit at the festival, but Comix Buro also debuted my new sketchbook at the show. I can't say enough about how great the book came out! I also found out that people can now order the book from the Comix Buro store. 

I won't bore you with all that happened during my trip, but I'll share some of the highlights.

Oms en Série writer Jean David and I posing for a pic while signing books. 

JD and I during a TV interview.

Personalizing a book for a fan.

Olivier Vatine and I drawing the lovely Lady Lada during a live figure drawing event at the Comix Buro art exhibit. 

In a surprise twist of fate Lada and I  discovered we had the same friend from Philly! Small world. Here is us hamming it up for the camera.


On a train from St. Malo to Paris, left to right - My partner on Oms, writer Jean-David JD Morvan, my fantastic editor Elsa Sztulcman, me, legendary artist Olivier Vatine, Ankama publisher and good friend Olivier Jalabert,  and lastly amazing artist (who is also contributing a book to the Stefan Wul line) Mathieu Reynes.

Both Stefan Wul books were in full display at the Ankama booth! I couldn't believe how cool their set up was.

 Just a small part of the large Comix Buro art exhibition area, which was separate from their booth. It was full of amazing original art from many Comix Buro artists as well as work from the folks working on the Stefan Wul books.

So, there you go. My trip in a very small nut shell. Besides St. Malo I spent a few days in Paris and Brussels, but didn't take many pictures. Sorry. Still, I hope you enjoy this small glimpse into my trip.