Friday, November 09, 2012

Graphic Elvis!

Hey all,

I was checking out Paul Pope's cool new website, and I saw these great Elvis pieces he did for a book called Graphic Elvis. It reminded me that I had contributed to the same book!

You know you're overworked when you forget about books you've worked on!

Anyway, here is my piece. I hope you dig it.


PS - There was a story about the book on USA Today's website a while back. Check it out.


Charles R. Rutledge said...

I suddenly want a deep fried peanut butter and banana sandwich...

Mike Hawthorne said...

Doesn't everyone?

Patrick said...

I must say, I liked your coloring before but you seemed to have just jumped leaps and bounds in these last few years. Often overlooked but you're killing it.

Awesome stuff.

Mike Hawthorne said...

Thanks, Patrick. I think it took me some getting used to Photoshop after having studied painting for so long. I enjoy the hell out of it now!

Thanks again!