Thursday, February 23, 2017

Figure studies

Figure studies done as a warm up. 


Wednesday, February 22, 2017

"Gotta pay the cost..."

Got in to PCAD, the art college I teach at, early to get in some practice on a plaster cast of a lion. A good hour of sketching before my class started. 

"Gotta pay the cost to be the boss" 😅


Monday, February 20, 2017

Figure drawing session

Some drawings from an open figure session. 

My favorites from the night, done during the model's break. 



I don't care how "established" I am, still gotta keep the tools sharp with practice. 


Saturday, February 18, 2017

Making faces

Some recent face sketches done as warm ups. 



In the studio. Out of the studio.

A change of weather brought on a change of scenery. Worked outside today, and as a biproduct my page output went up. Funny how that works 😊

Monday, January 30, 2017

Recent sketch warm-ups.

Some recent warm up sketches. 


2016 Highlights PT.7: War and Peace Sketchbooks!

Hey everyone!

So, the final "Best of 2016" for me, and it's easily the biggest one for me! I got to develop my own line of sketchbooks with the amazing stationary company Story Supply Co. I can't overstate how important this project is for me. As a kid at an inner city public school, I got to take art classes for the first time and was given something magical: a sketchbook. There was one promise attached, If I fill it up I get a new one,  no questions asked.

So, I drew. I mean, I REALLY drew. Every minute I could. The rest is history.

I wanted to be able to offer that same deal to a new batch of young artists. The Story Supply Co. sketchbooks, and your support, allow me to do just that.

You see, we set up the deal so that if you bought a set of two "War and Peace" themed sketchbooks you were also donating a student version of the sketchbook to a young artist with ideas.

This project means the world to me, and the folks who backed it are close to my heart. Thank YOU, all of YOU, who helped make this thing real!

Just some of the limited "custom"  and "random" sketch orders that supported the project-

If you haven't bought a set, please consider picking one up. I hand picked the paper stock and designed the cover art. I poured as much love as I could into them, and the Story Supply Co. has been there every step of the way. This is my major "creator owned" project! Please support it!

Here are some pictures from our first visit to a city school art program to drop off several hundred sketchbooks. I'm so humbled by the artists I got to meet. Truly inspiring.

Much love,