Sunday, April 24, 2016

UMBRA returns!

Hey everyone!

Remember the book I drew called UMBRA? The one that got a Harvey Nomination? Yeah, well, guess what?... it's being collected into a trade for the first time!!

Dover Books is getting into comics, and one of the books on their slate is UMBRA with Stephen Murphy. I'm still very proud of this story and I hope you'll all consider ordering it from your local comic shop, book store, or online. 

Here's the all new cover.

The plan is to also add new story pages into it. The trick will be to draw them so it looks like my style from years ago! ;-)


Thursday, April 14, 2016

ORIGINAL Deadpool Loves Baymax


Just in case it comes up in an argument, or a court case... I drew this first...

Note the date:

Also, I have NO connection to this person or this person or anyone else stealing this image. 

So, yeah. Thanks. 


Friday, April 08, 2016

Friday, March 18, 2016

My new everyday-carry just got upgraded!

Between Story Supply Co., Metal Shop Ct., and Makers South, my everyday-carry has been totally reinvented! 

Check out my new Story Supply travel sketchbook, my Twist Bullet Pencil by Metal Shop Ct., and some great leather sketchbook covers by Makers South. 

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These are my new art supply addiction! 


Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Deadpool issue 7: Masacre origin translation

Hey everyone!

Deadpool #7, Deadpool's 25th anniversary issue, is out and it features the Masacre origin story written and drawn by me. I'm incredibly thrilled and proud to have gotten the chance to do it, but I know some folks are having trouble reading the Spanish bits. SO, I want to post the translation here so everyone can enjoy the entire story.

Hope you all like it!


“El Diablo Empujó” by Mike Hawthorne 

“El Diablo Empuja”  is an old spanish expression that means  “The devil pushes”. My mother would often say it to me if I was, for instance, playing with a knife. A little like “Playing with fire”, only the implication is that if you play with something dangerous the Devil will push your hand, causing you to harm someone, even if you didn't intend to. 

"Empujó" is past tense for "empuja".  So, the title means "The Devil pushed".

PG 1. 

PN 1. 

Narrator/Masacre - Dedicating my life to the church was something I thought would make me feel whole. I was selfish enough to buy into the reward system the church had sold me: Be good, and the Kingdom is yours.

Siempre pensé que sí dedicaba mi vida a la iglesia sería una manera de sentirse uno completo. 

Sentirse importante.  

Fui suficientemente egoísta y creí en la sistema de recompensa de la iglesia: se bueno, y el reino es tuyo.

PN 2. 

Narrator - Now I see, there is no reward. 

No Kingdom.

No goodness

Ahora lo veo. No hay recompensa

No hay reino.

No hay bondad.

PN 3. 

Vendor 1 - “Sirs, these Sombreros belonged to my dear old uncles, who both fought along side of Zapata himself!”

You have no shame, Luis.

 “¡Señores, estos sombreros le pertenecían a mis queridos tíos, que lucharon al lado del mismo Zapata!”

¡Luis, eres un SINVERGÜENZA!

Vendor 2 - What do I care. They’ll be back in Kentucky, or Missisippi, New Jersey, or wherever gringos live, before they notice the ‘Made in china’ labels.

Qué me importa. Volverán a Kentucky, o Mississippi, o Nueva Jersey, o a cualquier otro lugar donde viven gringos, antes de que noten las etiquetas de "hecho en China."

PG 3. 

PN 3 

Priest (Masacre, not visible inside his partition of the confession booth)- “Bienvenido, mijo.”

"Welcome, my son."

PG 7.

 PN 2. 

Swede - Ahh, Padre! You’re just in time!

“¡Ahh, Padre! Llegaste en buen tiempo!

PN 3. 

Swede - I was just about to see if these lovely Americans can do the sombrero dance…

Estaba a punto de ver si estos Americanos pueden hacer el baile del sombrero…

 PN 4 

Swede - …with NO FEET! 


PG 8.  

PN 2. 

Swede - Padre, you want the first swing? 

¿Padre, quieres dar el primer golpe?

PN 3.

Masacre - No. I want you to go back to your boss. Leave these fools alone.

No. Quiero que vuelvas a tu Patrón y dejes a estos tontos quieto.

PN 4. 

Swede - The Señor appreciates what you did for him with that Demon, but…

El Seńor te agradece lo que hiciste por él con ese demonio, pero …

PN 5. 

Swede - But I owe you nothing, Exorcist! 

… ¡Yo no te debo nada, exorcista!

PG 10. 

PN 2. 
Narrator (Massacre) - The devil in my confession booth was meant to push me. Make me decide which path to take.

Ese diablo en mi confesionario estaba destinado a empujarme a decidir qué camino tenía que tomar.

PN 3. 

Narrator (Massacre) -  If there is no good in this world…

Si no hay bondad en este mundo…

PN 4.

Narrator (Massacre) - …Then perhaps it’s time for a Massacre.
…a lo mejor es hora para un Masacre.


Saturday, February 06, 2016

News for Art Collectors!

News for Art Collectors! 
I've signed up with art dealer to the stars, Albert Moy! Most of my career I've held on to my work, but I've decided to open up the vault, starting with my covers. 

Albert reps lots of awesome artist, included big names like Jim Lee, Bruce Tim and John Cassaday. So, I'm very flattered he's interested in my work. 
We have three covers available at the moment but, if things go well, I'll be adding to the stash very soon.


Friday, February 05, 2016

Deadpool #7 preview!

Hey everyone!

There is an official preview for Deadpool #7 online, with a peek at the story I wrote and drew for it! It's about Masacre, the Mexican deadpool, and is an origin of sorts.

I'm especially thrilled that Marvel let me do part of the issue in Spanish.

Check out the preview here. 

And, for you process junkies, here's the preview page before Terry and Jordie made it look amazing!

Hope you all enjoy the issue!