Friday, December 02, 2016

The Mike Hawthorne Art Youtube channel

Hey everyone,

I started a Youtube channel! I'll be posting time lapse sketch videos for now, but hope to eventually do longer videos, maybe even lessons. So, check it out... and maybe subscribe!

The Mike Hawthorne Art Youtube channel

Sample video!


New art for sale, just in time for the Holidays!

Hey everyone! 
Christmas shopping for your favorite art collector? Well, my art dealer is putting some new work of mine up for sale over at
Thing is, the listings JUST went up in the last few days and the cover I gave him already sold! So, yeah... you may want to jump on them if you're eyeing one up 

I should also add that I rarely sell pages, and in fact the is the FIRST time I've offered Deadpool pages!

After drawing Deadpool for years now, and tons of other books, the vaults are overflowing. SO, if this goes well, I may offer more art in the future.

Tell Santa you want some art this year ;-)


Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Drifter cover process

My good friend Ivan Brandon has a smart series you need to be checking out, the Sci Fi drama DRIFTER. Series artist Nic Klein is easily one of the best working in comics, and Tom Muller's design work is legend.

Ivan and I go back well over a decade, and I was honored to lend a a little help when he needed a variant cover.

Colors and designs are by Nic and Tom, and look FAR better than anything I deserve!

Please check this series out. The first volume is available now, and it will not disappoint!

Here's a small process post for the cover.

Seriously, look how awesome Nic made that look!!

Drifter 17 is out in February, but the first trade is available now! 

Give it a shot!


Monday, November 14, 2016

Poe Dameron cover process post

Process junkies!

Here is a big, fat, honking making-of post for that Poe Dameron cover. Watch closely, you'll see some mistakes and corrections I made along the way. 


* Colors by my partner in crime, Jordie Bellaire. 

If you enjoyed this, share with your friends. 


Friday, November 11, 2016

Mercs for Money 5 Variant Cover Process

Process junkies!

Here is my making-of post for the NEW Mercs for Money variant featuring Masacre! 

First, let's all gaze upon the amazing colors by great Nathan Fairbairn!

Great, right? 

Here's the rest:

And, there you go! Hope you enjoyed the behind the scenes look at my process for this cover. 

Stay tune, I'll have a process post for he Poe Dameron cover very soon.