Friday, December 07, 2007

Things that never were part IV

Here's some more stuff from books I DID NOT draw.

I did this for my pal Dan Panosian, who then did some great finishes over it. He put my name in the hat for this thing that Marvel was doing over seas, but they passed. I really don't much more about the book then that.

A few years back I was also very briefly attached to a White Tiger pitch, but Marvel went with a different team altogether. Kinda glad I didn't get this as I was drawing WAY too stiff and just didn't kill this the way I should have.

That's all for now,



Urban Barbarian said...

It was a real pleasure to work on that pin up! Masterfully drawn!

Mike Hawthorne said...

If by Masterful you mean so-so, then yes it WAS masterful! ;)

You're too kind to me man. You killed the final finishes!