Monday, June 23, 2008

Hysteria Vol. 1, chapter 1

Things are about to get REALLY good over at!

We finally wrapped up Vol. 0 yesterday (go back and read it if you haven't) and so we're going into the first chapter of Vol. 1. I'm really excited about this one because it's drawn by some old and awesome friends of mine!

You can look forward to art from J. "everone loves the" Bone, Mucho caliente Rick Remender, Eisner winner Steve Rolston, DC hot shot Mike Norton, Mr. Powers - Mike Oeming, Scott "I'm kicking much ass at Pixar now" Morse, and The Magnificent Jon Morris. I'm particularly proud of this one, and it serves as a fantastic jumping on point for the series. Check it out.


PS - This page is drawn by J. Bone, and it's absolutely fantastic. I just wanted a pin up type image of Dr. A standing at his window thinking and J. just ran with it and came up with what you see here. Brilliant!

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