Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Watch me draw, listen to me babble!

Watch me draw, listen to me babble!

Did this interview about the movie deal thing for 3 Days in Europe.

My man Jamar made the joke that the drawing is NOT sped up, but my talking IS, which aint far from the truth!


PS - Here's the news story that goes with this.


PatrickWedge said...

Awesome stuff! Way cooler than an Un-Men Tuesday rough sketch.

If it hasn't been said before, congrats all around. Good that you got some traction moving forward.

Mike Hawthorne said...

Thanks man. I appreciate it.

I'm still gonna post an Un-men page, just thought I'd share this first ;)


Bill Reinhold said...

I just saw this. That's fantastic news Mike! You're off to hollywood!
You're 'news story' link no longer works. this one does now-