Tuesday, March 23, 2010

ARCHIE work in progress PT.I

This week on Comic Twart, Ramon picked ARCHIE & his GANG. Which, I'll be honest, I didn't like at first. I was ready to bow out this week, for the first time. But then the bestest idea ever hit me! I could do a revamp of the characters, set in the future a bit, after ARCHIE's life has gone terrible wrong.

The funny thing is that the brilliant Andy Kuhn kinda did the "Year One" of what I wanted to do. Teen pregnancy leading up to where I'm gonna take ARCHIE and his gang makes perfect sense!

My piece is gonna have almost the entire gang in it. This sketch has ARCHIE, JUG HEAD, BETTY w/ LIL' ARCHIE (expanding on Andy's idea), AND MOOSE. You can't see it yet, but VERONICA is in there too. I'm was hoping to have MR. WEATHERBEE in there as the warden, but he may have to be cut.

Anyway, if I pull this off then you will all crown me king of Riverdale! Or Warlord. Haven't decided which I want to be yet.


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