Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Comic Twart - Maggie of Love and Rockets

Hey all!

I'm excited because this was my week to once again pick the character for Comic Twart.

I picked one of my all time favorite comic characters, Margarita Luisa "Maggie" Chascarrillo of Love and Rockets.

After reading comics for a few years as a kid, and deciding I wanted to draw them, I quit reading them. At the time I just felt I needed to get away from comics if I wanted to draw them well. When I finally did come back around, some time in college, it was Love and Rockets that helped me fall in love with the medium again.

I'm a huge fan of Jaime Hernandez, who is arguable one of the best draughtsman and story tellers in comics, and just know I'm not doing Maggie justice, But here is my humble tribute to a comic that I love.

In the pencil stage I had planned on putting myself in the piece holding a sign saying "¡Gracias, Xaime!", but it felt too presumptuous. So I changed it to the mystery hand calling Maggie off page. You figure out who it might be ;)

PatrickWedge said...

I can already guess that you were smiling and giddy like a school girl drawing this piece.

Just awesome!

Rasmane said...

A great example of playing to your strengths with a true fan’s love!

Mike Hawthorne said...

Thanks guys! This was totally drawn with love :)

John G said...

I disagree, I think you are doing her great justice. This is a phenomenal piece. A phenomenal character. It's funny, I never really thought of Jaime Hernandez when I look to your work, but now, thinking about it, it's immediate and obvious. The cleanliness of line, the expressions, the storytelling decisions. I think you've absorbed much in the best way possible.

Mike Hawthorne said...

Thanks, John. I really appreciate that, bro. I really wanted to do it up right.

I try not to wear all my influences on my sleeve, like some comic artists are known to do. I think that's why I tend to get comparisons to so many other artists, by critics. I've been compared to everyone from Harvey Kurtzman to Katsuhiro Otomo(!). I kinda like that :)

I think it's cool to look to artists for inspiration and insight, but not so much that you begin to ape their work.

Thanks again!