Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Fear Agent 31 advanced preview

Hey everyone,

Rick posted some sneak peek pages for Fear Agent 31, so I figured I'd share them here too.

I've also heard 30 ships next week. Not sure why it's late, as it's been finished for some time, but that's life I guess.



PatrickWedge said...

I got the last issue and it was pretty darn nice. Different type of story for you to illustrate so it must have been odd yet exciting to stretch different artistic muscles when doing those pages. Can't wait to see this issue.

Mike Hawthorne said...

Thanks man. Yeah, it was new territory for me. Never did a hard, sci-fi story before. One of the only genre's I HAVEN'T done, unless you count T3 or Machine Teen.

Anyway, thanks again!

Rasmane said...

Sad, beautiful pages.

Mike Hawthorne said...

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed them :)