Monday, October 17, 2011

Greatest Zombie of all time! The Tarman!

It's ZOMBIES week over on Comic Twart, and with the Halloween season upon us I expect scary things from the crew!

I chose to draw the one Zombie that creeped me out as a kid - The Tarman, from Return of the Living Dead!

Seriously, I once gave a person nightmares just DESCRIBING Tarman to them. That creepy walk, the nasty slimy melted flesh, and that voice!

I might also draw Trash from the same movie... but worry the fellas will yell at me for drawing a nude Zombie ;-)


PS - Before anyone hammers me about Zombie lore and who they think the "greatest" is,I should add that I haven't seen very many Zombie flicks. Never seen Walking Dead, or the slew of new films that have come out. I think ROTLD was about all I could handle ;-)

So to each their own!


Mike D. said...

Cool I was just watching Return and return two last week...Tarman is the best make up ever

Mike Hawthorne said...

Yeah, so fucking low tech and SOOO effective!


Scott Cohn said...

"Do you wanna par-tay!? it's party time...!"

Mike Hawthorne said...

Seriously! That song is still in my head, like a call-to-horror war horn blast! Love it! :-)