Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Silver Surfer on Comic Twart.

Check it out.



j.s. Kociuba said...

I like how these challenges are really a way to show how witty you guys are. Always great.

Question: Are backgrounds and interior room shots a B*tch? I know it pays off at the end. But do you have to prep yourself differently when draw sets as oppose to people or other organic things?

Charles R. Rutledge said...

What impresses me about this is the personality of the room. The stereo. The phone. The Bowie album and the Kirby Posters on the wall. I know those posters and that album and that time, all helping evoke the feeling of what it would have been like to be there, reading that comic while that music played. As always, your pictures tell so much story. well done.

2depaus said...

Mike, sorry for not acknowledging your comment about my Kurosawa piece.
Work kept me away from my blog for a while and I have just now seen it on my dashboard.

Coming from you, it means a lot.
So thank you.


Mike Hawthorne said...

JS - Thanks so much! I always love to find a new way to draw an old thing. So, thanks!

As for your question - They are a bit difficult. Mostly in that you have to find a way to make the "everyday" interesting. Plus, obviously perspective can be a challenge. But to me it's worth it. Always! Nothing like selling the setting to show what the character IN the setting is all about.

Charles - Thanks, man! I really appreciate that.

Ricardo - No worries, man. I dig your style, keep up the good work! :-)