Friday, April 20, 2012

Disturbing cover.

Just finished a cover that I'm fairly certain Diamond, or the publisher, or both, won't want to run in Previews.

Such is life I guess.



j.s. Kociuba said...

Are those your finger prints? I can run it by the lab to prove this picture is authentic:)

Mike Hawthorne said...

HA! Yeah, I'm busted! :-)

hkphan said...

Damn-I'm loving this! What's it for? I don't want to miss this. You know I loves me some zombies :)

Mike Hawthorne said...

I don't think I can say just yet, but I suspect you could figure it out if you thought "local" ;-)

I'll post what it's for soon as I get the green light. Might even make a print of it, not sure just yet.

Patrick said...

Heh...I hope to just see this in full glory.