Monday, November 04, 2013

66 Days of Deadpooly goodness!

As you may have heard, it's soon time for my next arc on Deadpool to begin (which, you know, you should tell your local comic shop to pre-order for you). The Holiday season is also fast approaching. So, I thought I'd combine the two and make some magic happen!

Deadpool #22 ships January 8th, which is 66 days from now. I'm going to give out a sketch card a day till the day Deadpool 22 ships!

I'll be picking fans and followers from Twitter and this blog. I will also be dropping them in random places for people to find. Whatever strikes my fancy for that day.

So, sit back and enjoy!


PS - This is purely for fun, for me and all of you. I don't want anything from anyone. Please don't e-mail me asking how to better your chances of winning. Really, it's more than likely just make me grumpy and want to lessen your chances. THANKS!

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