Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Rest in peace, Jesus Gonzalez

Beloved friend and gifted writer Jesus Gonzalez died this week. He will be very, very missed. 

His obituary.

Jesus, Brian Keene, and I at the Comix Creator Cookout during happier times. 

"Everybody's been wondering where you been
And, now that we know what happened
We're all wondering where you are
And even though we feel bad we won't be seein you around anymore
We want you to know we feel better, we won't have to worry anymore
We know your only worry now is
You worrying about us worrying about you
And even though we stopped worrying
It doesn't mean we're not still sad
And we're happy to let you know that, we always will be"
- Father Guido Sarducci

We'll all miss you, compañero.


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