Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Advice from people smarter than me.

Hey everyone! 

I posted these bits of advice on Twitter a few days ago and it seemed to have touched a nerve for a lot of folks. Reposting here:

I get asked for advice by students all the time. Often I just repeat advice given to me. Want to hear some of it?

"We can never show our face in San Francisco" from @IvanBrandon after I drew a SF street with no reference. Advice was basically don't fake.

Similar to the advice from @larryhama, "If you have internet you don't have an excuse to draw something wrong. "

"Stay on a book for a while" from @Oeming after seeing me hyper actively bounce around from book to book.

Without this advice I wouldn't have stayed on Deadpool this long.

"Make your writer look good." from @JerryOrdway. Sage advice right when I needed it.

"Sharpen your pencil." from my high school art teacher. Basically just keep your tools ready at all times, don't find excuses to delay work.

"You're drawing in shorthand." From @Remender after seeing pages I just rushed instead of loved up a little.

"It'll hurt less when it's finished." From @sarahstarlitt when I wanted to quit a personal project because it was emotionally taxing.

"Watch for lamps coming out of his crotch" from @karenpberger. I was wrecklessly allowing tangents on pages due to lazy layouts.
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"The fast artists are the first out of work" from @KevinNowlan (read it in an interview). Meaning put care into your work, it shows.

"You need to charge!" Advice I gave @tonymoore when he was giving away sketches, then he gave it back when I wasn't valuing my own work.

"I'm not in the business of holding onto property." rich real estate guy I knew. Had to rethink sitting on ideas instead of moving on them.

"Treat it as a debt of honor, & make a commitment to finish things, @ANNELAMOTT from Bird by Bird. Printed this on my pages for years.

"Draw, draw, draw! Above all else, DRAW!" from DiVinci (don't know his Twitter handle 😅). No idea if he ACTUALLY said it, but I don't care.

Last one for a bit (gotta get back to work). Talk to you later!


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