Monday, October 23, 2006

Making of the Un-men San Diego Promo art

The Un-men promo art for my new series at Vertigo. Done @ 18" by 24". I wanted to paint it, but alas there was no time.

Lots of time went into this piece, which may very well never see print.



Ryan Cody said...

damn that's some slick inking.

Mike Hawthorne said...

Thanks man. I try ;)


rassmguy said...

I am very excited about the upcoming Un-Men book, and your artwork on Cranius is fantastic -- really, top-notch stuff. I just hope the author remembers that Cranius, last seen in issue 19 of the second Swamp Thing series, rebelled against Arcane along with other Un-Men after realizing their lowly station in life, tore him to pieces and then ran off into the wilderness, "never to be seen again." Cranius and his band of Un-Men were not originally part of the group seen in "American Freak." That group came to America from the Balkans in the late 1960s, whereas Cranius' group was sent over in 1973 or 1974 when Arcane decided to get revenge on Swamp Thing for destroying his castle and leaving him a broken freak like his Un-Men. Mike, do you know if the author is aware of this? It should be easy to get around this, just by saying that that Cranius' group eventually found the ones from American Freak and joined them. But I thought ya'll should know.

Incidentally, you can find a VERY detailed timeline of the entire Swamp Thing mythos at my website, Roots of the Swamp Thing, at

Rich Handley

Mike Hawthorne said...


John has done some pretty extensive research on the Un-men, and we touch on some of the things you mention in upcoming issues. I think you'll be please ;)