Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Sweet Science #3 WIP pt1

hey all,

Been working on the third print in the series (in between pages of the Un-men) and figured I'd post some work in progress stuff.

First, if you didn't see the line for this then scroll down ( or follow the link)

  • The line art

  • My first step is usually to set a warm, dark brown of some sort down and do a monotone underpainting. This is an old habit from my oil painting days. In this case I went lighter then normal, and ended up with this peanut butter kind of color, which I can tell you now I don't like. I'll change it later on.

    Next, I have a "glaze" layer - which again is a hold over from when I painted exclusively in oils. This skin tone is way too dark, as I wanted to go with a very pinkish light skin tone. I'll change that later too.

    Here's the glaze without the underpainting.

    Here's where I've left off. I dropped in the hair color and shorts, mostly to see if the skin tone would look lighter with something to contrast it against. It does NOT, hence me wanting to lighten it more.

    So, basically everything here will more then likely change a good bit. BUT, this blog's all about works in progress, right? ;)

    Anyway, more soon.



    Asa said...

    This is lookin' sweet, man! Can't wait to see more process stuff from you.

    Mike Hawthorne said...

    Thanks man. This will go through a lot more changes, so I'll have plenty to post.


    Anonymous said...

    Looks awesome. I can't wait to see it finished.