Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Un-men tuesday!

Do YOU know what today is? Yyyyyyyyyup, it's UN-MEN TUESDAY! Again, a preview for issue 7 which is out February 20, 2008

Don't forget to pick up issue 6, which is a self contained story and a great jumping on point for new readers. Oh, and there's the trade too, if you missed the first arc. Be sure to pre-order it at your local comic shop, or at any of your favorite online stores.



Patrick Hoover said...

Another nice page, Mike. Un-Men's been a good read; though I would like to see you take on some of the cover work! (the cover's are awesome, but you should get to have some of that prestige for doing all the interiors)
I noticed that you're very sketchy on your layouts/pencils, and don't use any blueline. Do you use a light table to ink? Or do you use a softer lead so it's easy to erase? Just curious of the tools/steps you take to get to the end result.
Keep up the good work!

Mike Hawthorne said...

I'm going to do a post about this, since folks ask about it often.

basically I do these real loose pencils that I scan, blue line in photoshop, then print out onto a fresh sheet of full sized bristol to ink.



Patrick Hoover said...

Interesting! I look forward to that post.

And thanks for being so open and responsive with your fans. It's one of the reasons I picked up all the back issues of un-men.

rassmguy said...

Mike, I just wanted to take a moment and let you know how impressed I am with your artwork. Thanks very much for posting so many previews.

Mike Hawthorne said...

Dude, thank you! I appreciate it. Keep checking back, and I promise to keep posting the goods ;)