Monday, February 04, 2008

Y- the Last Man tribute painting has been running a week long tribute to Y The Last Man, which is coming to an end. I was asked to contribute a piece of art to it, since apparently Brian and Pia are fans of my work! Very cool to hear, and I was more then happy to contribute.

Anyway, here's my piece for the tribute. Done with acrylic on illustration board.

You can see the story here



Dan C said...

Beautiful job, Mike. The shading, volume and your use of black & white are just amazing. As always.

Nice work!


Mike Hawthorne said...

Thanks dude! You're too kind!


Patrick Hoover said...

This is why you should be doing the Un-Men covers. You seem to push your self in a more expressive direction with your single images/prints. Not that your interiors are bad by anymeans (I love 'em), but stuff like this and your Sweet Science prints are some of your most dynamic and visually interesting stuff.

Good job!