Friday, March 28, 2008

Sprint shirt designs 08 pt. 2

Hey all,

Ok, still hammering away at this design. I want it *just* right before I'll commit to it.

I've simplified the design, but tried to keep the same feel. The text on the two color is kinda hard to read, but I love so's hard to give up. The color on the two right hand side designs is supposed to be brown, but it looks a little too mustard like in this jpeg.

Here's a one color design that my man Andy MacDonald of NYC Mech fame helped me figure out (thanks for the crit, man!). Used a different font on the text, which I like.

Once I settled on a final design or two I'll be taking it to a local printer and looking at some shirts, and ink colors. While all that happens, I'll have a period of time where you guys can pre-order the shirt and get a 30% discount. So, stay tuned!



Daniel Hardesty said...

Nice! I'm liking this design much better. Love that tank!

Now Mike, are we gonna have to have a font intervention here my friend? The font's gotta go brother...just do it quick. Like rippin a band-aid off, just hit delete and the sting will subside within minutes. Heh heh.

Did you try it in an army color scheme, olive/green drabs? Might be cool.

Nice work and I'll be looking for that pre-order notice!!! Have a good one!

Mike Hawthorne said...

I know, I know!!! That font is like a girl that you KNOW is bad for you but you just CAN'T give her up!!! ;)


Justin Stewart said...

Hey, we've all succumbed to the sweet font siren's song, so that's understandable. I'm diggin the new designs for sure. Maybe take the "Beautifuller & Beautifuller" of the 2nd image (gun twins) and apply that to the first batch?

Just a thought, and whatever you decide, I'll be pre-ordering one regardless.


Mike Hawthorne said...

You guys rock. I know that I'll have to give in and use a simpler font. I'm thinking of contacting the designer of this font and asking him if he has a less messy version of the font, and see if he'll give me permission to use it.

Thanks again!

Patrick Hoover said...

Not to beat a dead horse, but maybe using the font from your header? The short thick style would work really well with the blocky style of the tank, and would also tie the tshirt design to the look of the website.

just a thought...