Friday, March 28, 2008

Sprint shirt designs 08 pt. 3

Still fighting with this, and I have several versions I'm working on.

Here are some mock ups on actual shirts. I really want to do a big graphic shirt, so I'm working on one with a large wrap around tank. It's a far cry from the first design, but I kinda' dig it.

I actually like the dark grey logo better. Just have to find out from the printer if they can even do the wrap around or not. I also want to see if they can use an ink that is relatively flexible.

I want to have this thing be 100% on point before I offer it up, which is why you're seeing all these different versions. Hope you're all digging these behind the scenes posts.



Justin Stewart said...
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Justin Stewart said...

Yes! Man, I think getting this behind the scenes stuff is pretty rad. I find it really interesting to see it go from concept to product. And it gets me more jazzed about ordering and wearing one.

Love the wrap tank design. You might not need it to go all the way around. Maybe with just the other logo on the bottom?

Mike Hawthorne said...

Thanks man! Yeah, my man Jamal (design and web ninja of my site) has been pushing for me just printing on the front. We'll see. The next step is to work out the details with the printer.

More news soon!