Monday, April 14, 2008

Un-men Tuesday 4/14

Well, it's Un-men Tuesday again folks! This time we have a preview of issue 10. We introduce the two Queen pins of Aberance's Red Light district. You can see Tomer's version of these lovely twins on the cover too.

ALSO, the first trade for the Un-men hits store this week! I got my comps last week, and they look great! The designers over at DC really put in some work! They're the unsung heroes of this book, but they deserve more props. I also think John's writing really sings in this format. His dialogue is sharp and funny, which I think some folks miss. Let's hope they pick up on it now that the trade is available.

Anyway, be sure to check it out.



Brandon O'Donnell said...

The page looks good, but I have no idea whether or not to say the girls are attractive...I think I might pass on checking them out in the bar once I saw the whole shared legs situation.

PatrickWedge said... stuff. Double trouble.

Good news about the trade. I came on late to the Un-Men hype but was able to snag the first trade through my mail orders for $6.19. Can't beat that!

Mike Hawthorne said...

Shit, 6.19!? Sweet deal!

The shared leg thing was all John's idea. He even made a 3D model of the character, so show me how it would work. Dude is nothing if not thorough!

Thanks guys!