Thursday, April 17, 2008

Un-men volume one!

hey everyone!

So, Vol. 1 of the Un-men should be at your local stores! If you've been "waiting for the trade", then it's time to get moving!

I always like it if people support their local comic shop, but you can order it at any book store both online or off line.

You can also download a .PDF of the first chapter by clicking here, for FREE!



PatrickWedge said...

Can't wait for my comics to ship this month. I get mine monthly but at the price I got it at, I can't be too upset. But now that I know it is out, I'm really looking forward to sitting down in one setting and plowing through it.

Did you get to do any sketches or extras in the trade?

Mike Hawthorne said...

I wish. I wanted to include a bunch of un-used pages from issues one and two, but I don't have much say in it. Still, the book's design looks great!