Monday, April 21, 2008

A very eventful weekend

So, I was at the New York Comic Con this past weekend. I wasn't set up or anything, just there to hang out and meet with some friends and colleagues.

While there I heard that it was announced at the Vertigo panel (no, didn't attend that either) that the Un-men will be ending. I've actually known for about a month, but have been waiting for the official word before I told anyone.

Here's the thing, don't get too sad for me. We got a big 13 issue run out of it, and I got to make the comic I intended to make. I'm damned proud of it, and every day tried to "draw it like I owned it". In the end we'll have two nice trades for our efforts, and a damned fine addition to the Swamp Thing mythos. I'm very, very proud.

Special thanks to all of you brave souls who did pick up the series. John and I love you all.

I also kept hearing from people at the con about a "movie deal" of some sort that involved me, which I had no idea about. Turns out this little bit of news was announced this weekend too. Turns our Jennifer Garner and Hugh Jackman kinda' like my book "3 Days in Europe". Who knew?

So, there you have. Yin and Yang, Chaos and Order, doing the whole balancing of the universe thing all in one weekend. Thank you cosmos ;)


PS - Oh, yeah. There's a new Dirty Girl pin up over at my site.


PatrickWedge said...

Man, that really sucks. I wish I could have jumped on the book earlier to help out the sales but alas, it is too late.

I hope that DC sees the work you laid down and gets another book lined up for your toot sweet. Hate to see those talents go to waste.

rassmguy said...

Truly sorry to see it go, Mike. It was a great title. Unfortuntely, Swamp Thing's history is filled with examples of the lost of a great title...hence, its four-time cancelation. I guess this makes it the fifth, leaving only Hellblazer to hold the reigns. I hope you two get to return one day to the realm of The Un-Men.

Mike Hawthorne said...

Thanks guys. I appreciate it ;)

I'd always come back to the Un-men. I've drawn a lot of comics, but this'll be the first one I'll actually miss. Still, it was a great run and Vertigo has been a dream to work with.


rory said...

Congrats on actually working on something you had a passion for. That doesn't seem to happen too often. And another congrats for the possible film option may it bring you lots o' cash.....or at least enough to pay the bills for a while...:)

Mike Hawthorne said...

Hey, I always like the cash ;)



the comics expert said...

Hi Mike,
Long-time fan/lurker, I want to chime in: sad to see such a well-loved title go.
I always skip ahead though to "what's next?" So tell us!
More Hysteria in print (finally!)?
Ultra-secret assignments ahead?

Mike Hawthorne said...

Hey! Glad you stopped by.

Well, in a way there will be Hysteria in print. Once the stories wrap up in webcomic form, I plan on printing trades. Vol. 0 will be first, with a reprint of Vol. 1 (the one Oni put out) and so on.

And, yeah, there will be some secret things in the works. I'll promise to let you guys and gals know first ;)


the comics expert said...

Thanks a lot for letting me/us know!

I loved that Vol 1 & I'm picking up the 0 for sure. It'll be Image doing the (re)printing?
Looking forward to more!