Sunday, July 06, 2008

Happy 4th from the Dirty Girls!

Hope you had a good one!



PatrickWedge said...

Took me a second to realize those were firework cannons. I was thinking that this was some sick and twisted chemical factory thing you had going and this girl had to put up with stinky crap all day. LOL.

Now back to the programming, I think you did a great job on her facial expressions. Really conveyed the emotions there. Nice stuff as usual. Really think your style on DG is much more natural than your Un-Men stuff. Not that it is worse by any means, story dictates a lot. But this stuff just seems to bounce more.

John G said...

Word. These are all pretty clever. Also, well played.

Mike Hawthorne said...

Patrick - Yeah, I need to figure out the fire works angle before I ink this. I also agree there's more bounce here. I usually change my style a bit to fit the subject matter. Just feels right.

John - Thanks homey ;)