Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The last Un-men Tuesday

So, the very last issue of The Un-men ships this week. I gotta tell you, I'll miss working on the series. It may be the single most fulfilling book I've ever worked on. I've committed several years of my life to the series, and worked my heart out on each issue.

In a perfect world there would be a place for The Un-men, but alas this place aint perfect.

Still, I'm incredibly thankful for each and every reader we did earn. I lived a very charmed life these last few years, and that's all because of you folks.

Continue to support the books you love, especially at Vertigo. A more dedicated group of people you'll never meet. They're sincerely trying to champion some great works, but the market s fickle and no book is safe. Vote with your dollar, brothers and sisters.

Anyway, the series ends with a bang so be sure to check it out. The second trade is slated for November, so keep an eye for that too.



PatrickWedge said...

Yes, I shed a tear in sorrow that the book is down, however I feel happy that it brought my attention to your work much more and I always have the trades and issues to flip back through. Good and sad times combined.

Like the final version for panel one. Nice effect you have going on there.

Mike Hawthorne said...

Thanks man ;)


Simon said...

Nonetheless: congrats on building up such an impressive body of work, Mike. The commitment and heart you mention showed throughout. Loved your art in 'Three Days in Europe' too!

Yours, a fellow best-seller ;)

Mike Hawthorne said...

First, thanks man! Very kind of you to say.

Second, dude, I love your work! Man, gotta go and consume all the art on your blog now!! ;)