Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Leopoldo Romañach

While I was in Florida last week we went to the Daytona museum. We'd been there once before, and there was a section devoted to Cuban artists that I wanted to revisit. There was this one painting I had to see again - "Italian Peasant".

The artist is Leopoldo Romañach, who lived from 1862 till about 1951. There isn't a lot of info about him online, but it sounds like he had pretty minor acclaim with his work. He won a Bronze metal in a French exhibition, and was in a few shows in Europe and Cuba - picking up a few medals here and there.

His work has a great Diego Velázquez (One of my favorite painters) quality to it. Nice find in a little museum.

Here are two of his paintings in the gallery.

Italian Peasant

On the way to Mass

I'll post more art from the museum soon.



Craig Zablo said...

Daytona Beach! Why that's my stomping grounds!

Mike Hawthorne said...

Shit! Really? So you're familiar with MOAS! Cool museum!