Thursday, December 18, 2008

Secrets revealed!...almost

If you get my newsletter (What?! You haven't signed up yet?!?!) then you already know what new books I'm working on currently.

Here are some sneak peaks of the art.

G.I. Joe - Origins
I'm taking over art duties on the new Origins series for IDW. Fun stuff! I'll be doing line art and colors on the five issue series.
Here's Duke and Scarlett

Star Trek Spotlight*
I did an issue featuring the tribbles!

Sturgeon River
My follow up book with UMBRA writer Steve Murphy. This one you already know about (if you follow the blog or newsletter) but here's another sneak peek anyway.

Oh, and I'll be finishing up One Man Gang and publishing it online at

You can also sign up for my newsletter at by entering your e-mail into the newsletter field under the "About Mike" section.

You can also check IDW Publishing's site for more details.

There is ONE more book I'm penciling for Dark Horse and ONE more at Vertigo which I'm writing and drawing that I can't announce yet.. you'll just have to check back later ;-)

That's all for now.


* Last minute edit - Apparently my Star Trek comic has been solicited! So, you know, pre-order it! ;)


PatrickWedge said...

CONGRATS!!!! Glad to see you got some nice gigs lined up. And pretty darn cool that you'll be handling the coloring on the GI Joe stuff. Think that you'll be able to control the total package on art much better.

Sneak in FireFly....oh how I loved FireFly as a kid.....

John Whalen said...

Congratulations on the G.I. Joe gig, and the Trek book! Love your Klingon rendering -- you actually make those goofy latex foreheads look good.

Mike Hawthorne said...

Thanks guys! I tried to bring a little somethin', somethin' to it. ;)