Monday, October 19, 2009

Shifters - The One that got away

The Scalped sketch got me thinking of a book I was gonna do years ago with the amazing Mark Ricketts. A bad ass, insanely cool, hero comic called Shifters. I won't get into the details of why we didn't do it, but it was to launch with Image's old hero's line that they were starting way back when. INVINCIBLE and FIRE BREATHER came out of that line.

Anyway, it sucks cause it many ways Mark was really onto something. It had a crime element and was set in a Native American reservation and casino, much like SCALPED (not implying that Jason swiped it, as of course we NEVER made our book.). It also featured these normal folks who discover they have odd powers, WAY before HEROES came along (again, no way to swipe our idea as no one knew of it).

So, yeah, apparently I'm a dumb ass. We'd be RICH now, I tell you! RICH!...

Anyway, before I break down in regretful sobs let me show the original pitch art. Bare in mind this stuff is YEARS old, and predates Un-men, Machine Teen, G.I. JOE, even One Man Gang. So it's a little rough around the edges.

More on the amazing Mr. Ricketts.


Shifters - Copyright and Trademark 2009 Mark Ricketts & Mike Hawthorne.

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