Saturday, November 07, 2009

Drawing for Fun - DREDD part II

Finished the pencils on that DREDD piece. Hopefully I can find some time to ink it...but I kinda doubt it'll be soon. Too much work to get to first. :(

See the first post here.

Comments welcomed.



PJ Holden said...

Lovely. If you'll take some gentle criticism - his belt buckle has an extra little element to it (a 'shield'), and his left (our right) elbow pad has the little padded bits running the wrong way! (aside from that - you've got his chin EXACTLY right).

(Weird thing about Dredd is that there IS quiet a lot you can change without getting it 'wrong' - some artists draw feet on the elbow eagle but some don't - no right or wrong there...)


Unknown said...

Just unbelievable, Mike. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your work through it's stages. I give this the best compliment I bestow on a piece of art..."FAN-FREAKIN-TASTIC!" BTW...I'm familiar w/non-photo blue pencils, but what are you using for this? It doesn't look like that to me. Help a brother learn. ;)

Mike Hawthorne said...

PJ - Dude, I NEED the crit! AND getting it from a guy with your experience with drawing DREDD (really well) is a bonus.

I'll go look up the buckle. So, the pads on the elbow should run vertically? Like the knee pads? I made both horizontal...SHIT! My bad.

Oran - Dude, you're way too kind! Thanks man!

This pencil is technically NOT non-photo blue. It's Prismacolor's ColErase pencils, blue. Technically it might show up in a scan it as a bitmap. I can light it before inking it by just running a kneaded eraser over the whole thing before inking, then ink the lines, then erase again before I fill the blacks.

Then scanning it as a bitmap works fine. I did the SCALPED piece like this.

Also, if I were to scan it as a color file I could drop out the blue in the channels and get a clean scan.

But the main reason I don't really care too much about the pencils because I normally blue line them in Photoshop and print out a fresh sheet to ink.

I could pencil with a pen, brush, crayon, booger, don't matter once you print out a fresh sheet to ink.

So, plenty of ways to skin a cat.