Thursday, May 27, 2010

TARZAN by Mr. Hawthorne

Hey all!

Posted this Tarzan piece over on Comic Twart.

I swear to Pete when I started this thing a hip hop song HEAVILY sampling "Jungle Boogie" started playing on my Ipod!

Coincidence? I think not, Brothers and Sisters. I. Think. Not!

Also, there is some new Comic Twart artwork available over at my store.



Scott Cohn said...

way cool

Mike Hawthorne said...

Thanks Scott :)

Cromsblood said...

Hi Mike!

I'm passing a KREATIV BLOGGER award on to you! Please look here:


Mike Hawthorne said...

Hey, cool! Thank you so much! Incredibly kind of you! :)


LOOKA said...

I simply L-O-V-E all the Comic TWART pieces you did! Good thing you ain't selling that Hellboy piece (or is it already sold???) it's one for the ages.