Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Comic Twart art blog, TinTin

Trying to catch up on Comic Twart. With all the stuff I have going on this is easier said then done.

Last week Tin Tin was our subject, and I must confess I've never actually read a Tin Tin comic. I know, I know. For shame. Anyway,I got the idea to fast forward into Tin Tin's future and see if he'd grown world weary from all his travels and adventures. This came out of that.



Simon said...

Great, crisp work, Mike.

*Shocked* you haven't read the books though, dude ;) They're The Best.

Hope things are going well,


Mike Hawthorne said...

Thanks, Simon.

Yeah, I'm kinda terrible. I'm such a bad comic guy. There are some many comics I've never read. I had to admit to the Comic Twart guys I'd never actually read a Spiderman comic. I know, I know. I should hang my head in shame.

Hell, I never even heard of some of the characters we've drawn on there. Like G.I. Robot for instance.


Simon said...

It's cuz you're too busy drawing them, so you're off the hook ;)

I think I've heard about this Spiderman thing too. Sadly it just doesn't seem like something that will take off...

Mike Hawthorne said...

That, and I have to use all my free time fighting off these three hooligans I live with! ;)

It is sad about the Spider guy thing ;)


Rasmane said...

Wildly paraphrasing “Stan Lee” from The Simpsons: Or does not having read the comics make your drawings better?