Thursday, December 02, 2010

Hale soup - The drawing that made my daugther cry

This one needs some set up. My good friend Mike Oeming works for the video game company VALVE, and I got to see the fun stuff he was doing with a hysterical character by the name of Saxton Hale. So for fun I drew this piece of Hale making shark fin soup. If you know the character, then you get the joke.


Now, my oldest daughter is an animal lover. Won't even let me kill spiders in the house, I gotta release them to " be free!".

One day she walks into the studio when I was wrapping this up. She knows nothing about the character....and she did NOT see the humor in it. I looked at her face as I tried to explain and saw her eyes welling up with tears!

So, yes. I made my little girl cry with a drawing. I used my powers for evil, and I'm ashamed....

Kinda ;-)



Patrick said...

You're such a mean dad!!! Picking on little kids like that.

But I love the joke drawing. :)

Mike Hawthorne said...

I know! I'm terrible! ;-)