Thursday, March 10, 2011

HOP theatrical trailer!

Hey everyone!

Remember a while back when I mentioned I was story boarding a film? Well, the film's name is HOP and the trailers for that movie have started to make the rounds!

I'm pretty excited about having had the opportunity to work on it, and even more excited to take my kids to go see it! I got to work on a few major scenes in the film, and there are even a few bits in this trailer that I boarded. So cool! :-)

There was also a scene where a cover to my comic Hysteria: One Man Gang was used as a prop poster in the background. Unfortunately the scene was cut, but I'm REALLY hoping they put a "deleted scenes" section on the DVD and include my art. Fingers crossed!

Anyway, just wanted to share. Hope you dig it!



Patrick said...

100% awesome dude.

Great to hear any of the process stuff or sketches if you can down the road.

Brian Jones said...

Very cool! Although I'll never look at a jelly bean the same way again ;)

j.s. Kociuba said...

Are you going to wait for the end credits to see your name?

Mike Hawthorne said...

Patrick - If I can, I will. Might be hairy since the studio can go all lawyery on me and what not ;-)

Brian - You aint kiddin'!

J.S. - You know it ;-)