Friday, December 30, 2011

Conan 12 preview

There is a preview floating around the web for my last issue of Conan. Here are the pencil versions.

Enjoy, cause it looks like issue 12 is the last comic you'll see from me for a while.

Fun while it lasted.



Mike D. said...

I enjoyed your run Mike and This preview of the art looks tremendous...Thank you for your hard work and talent.

Dan C said...

WHAT?!?? I hope you meant "issue 12 is the last CONAN comic you'll see from me for a while"... because a world without Mike Hawthorne comics would be a pretty crappy world indeed.

Take care, man. And Happy New Year!!


Mike Hawthorne said...

Mikeyboy - I appreciate that, pal. As you know, lots of these "fans" were damned unhappy with my run, and voiced their opinion loudly. I believe it affected sales.

But you were always supportive of me over on CROM! So, thanks :-)

I never worked so hard on a book, only to have people kick dirt on it. But, such is life.

Dan - Unfortunately, I mean comics in general. I do have something still in the works, but not solid yet due to feet dragging.

So, as of now, no comics with my name on it for a while.


Mike Oliveri said...

Sorry to hear that, Mike. I hope what you've got in the works takes off. I'd also love to see you take on some good, gritty crime comics, or some horror again.

Wherever your art takes you, best of luck!

hkphan said...

You know what a huge fan of your work I am. I realized that your run on Conan was coming to an end, but I had no idea how much crap you were dealing with from fanboys. I don't understand how someone can look at your incredibly elaborate line art and not be blown away. I'll support your art in whatever form it may take in the future. Small-minded, asshole Conan fans aside, you sir, fucking rock! And don't you ever forget that. Hang in there :)

Charles R. Rutledge said...

All I'll say is that I've been a Robert E. Howard collector and Conan fan for coming up on four decades, and I've come to really appreciate your run on Conan, Mike. Some of my fellow REH fans should learn some manners and some appreciation for things outside their limited, small-minded opinions. Keep us posted as to what you're working on.

Mike Hawthorne said...

Mike - Thanks, pal! I'll figure something out before too long, and have some stuff I'm waiting to hear back on soon... hopefully :-)

hkphan - Thanks for the support! You, as always, rock. I wouldn't get down on these dudes who didn't like the run. They don't owe me anything, and are free to not like whatever. It affects my life, that's a fact. But it's their right.

I'm proud of the run. I bust my ass, and kept it monthly. In fact, the fill ins were not there because I was late. DH did it to be extremely cautious. Hell, I think Dan was wrapping up issue 10 while I was wrapping up 11 (not that he's slow, but he was penciling and inking, while I was just penciling)

Point is, I worked my ass off on that book, and handing my books in on time. Although I couldn't control the entire look of the book, I have no regrets.

Charles - Thank you. I'm glad you dug it. Fans like what they like. Can't be pissed at them for that. Sometimes it's tough to keep quiet while dudes talk shit, but I have to. What kind of man or professional would I be to argue with a guy on the interweb?

Let them complain, and like what they like. I did my best, and never let up despite anyone's bitching.

Thanks everyone!

Cromsblood said...

"Some of my fellow REH fans should learn some manners"

More than anything, this. Thanks Charles.

Best of luck, and a happy new year Mike. Your artwork impresses me every single damn time I see it bro!

Marcelo Baez said...

Great Conan! Great work!

Mike D. said...

I DO HOPE YOU CO COME BACK TO COMICS SOON ENOUGH. For those who did not enjoy your work on CONAN...I got two words for ya Mike.." Fuck'em "...they're just folks who don't kow whats good is all. Rock on..keep the blog going I love your twarts too.

Mike Hawthorne said...

Cromsblood - Thanks, man. I appreciate the kind words :-)

Marcelo - Thank you! You warm my cold, cold heart ;-)

Mikeyboy - Thanks, man. Oh, and don't worry. I'll be back in some form or another. Not sure what just yet, but I'll be back for sure!


Taranaich said...

I'm very sorry to hear that, Mike. I gave you a bit of stick early on for the pixie arrows in a sketch you did, but "Road of Kings" was the first Conan comic series I collected in trade that wasn't a Robert E. Howard adaptation. Everything else I waited for the collection, but for this, I felt like forking out for the individual issues.

I don't doubt your art wasn't for everyone - we were probably spoiled by Truman and Nord's style, and so anything that was remotely different jarred - but I thought it was fun, dynamic and enjoyable. Ah well, best of luck in all your future endeavours.

Mike Hawthorne said...

Taranaich - Actually, I remember your "pixie arrow" comment, and kept it in mind through out the series. It was a reminder to try harder, and listen to input. Fact is, the arrows WERE too small. I was thinking they were DEEP in his hide, but after your comment I realized they couldn't be THAT deep (making the arrows look small) or he wouldn't be walking. So, I made a mistake and totally missed it.

Thing is, as I've said before, I don't think fans OWE me anything. They don't have to like my stuff. I admit, when I was working on the book I thought I was being true to the character and REH. I was kind of taken aback by the negative response. But, I tried my best to shake it off and move on. Work had to be done, and there was no time to wallow.

I tried like hell to make it all work. If a scene called for 4 guards/pirates/etc., I tried to make it 6. If it called for one point perspective, I made it three point. If it called for a big monster, I made it a huge monster. Anything to up the ante and give folks their moneys worth.

I couldn't control the rest of the book, story or otherwise, but I could worked damned hard at my little corner of it - the penciling.

I'm eternally grateful you ended up giving it a shot and that you enjoyed it. Kind of funny actually, because I'd be drawing pages, stop and look it over, then think "are the arrows too small?". It became a mantra of sorts for me, and reminded me that I was always capable of making a mistake and TOTALLY missing it ;-)

So, for that, thank YOU!

Take care,

Joe Jusko said...


Don't let the internet trolls get to you. It seems like a majority but it's the same people constantly posting negative shit. The people with positive viewpoints tend to not bombard the web like the asses who think nothing of shitting all over your hard work. Trust me, I know. As you said, not eveyone is gonna like what you do. While it used to bother the shit out of me, I gave up trying to change people's minds a long time ago. Those that like your work do, and those that don't never will no matter what you do. Paint or draw for you and not to please an acidically vocal minority. You'll find it's artistically liberating and you'll produce your best work that way. Chin up! ;-)

Mike Hawthorne said...

Joe, I respect the hell out of you and your work so your advice is pure gold to me. Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Mike, just wanted to drop in and say thank you for a great run on Road of Kings. I've been a Robert E. Howard fan for more than 35 years. You did REH proud.

Now, on to bigger and better things. I expect to see more great art from you in the very near future.

~Bob Freeman

Benjamin Hall said...

I thought you were the most suited artist to draw it ever. Not really familiar with old runs, but your style WAS Conan to me. Loved it. Good luck to the next artist. Very big shoes to fill.

Mike Hawthorne said...

Bob - Man, that's damned nice of you to say! I appreciate that, thank you.

Ben - That's some high praise! Thank you! I appreciate the kind words more than you guys will know :-)