Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Un-men Tuesday 5/13

Hey everyone!

Man, it is entirely too beautiful today here in Central PA! After a few days of straight rain, it was hard to resist working outside. Thing is, I almost forgot it was Tuesday!

Anyway, issue 10 is supposed to be out today. So, here's the official FIRST look at issue 11, which is a one issue story focusing mainly on Kilcrop and his relationship with Crainius. A odder couple there may never be!



PatrickWedge said...

Another fun page to see for sure.

Sidebar, I finally was able to plow through the trade for Un-Men. One thing I will say, your art for Un-Men did progressively get better as the story went along. That's not meant to be a bad comment, rather an observation that as the story moved forward and the content got deeper, your art seemed to be more natural with the characters and expressions, especially with Crainius.

Now, I still think your Dirty Girl stuff seems to be a bit more bouncier and natural compared to the UM stuff. I just looks like you're more at ease than at the UM stuff. But again, the story dictates what you can do. Even your newer UM stuff shows that. Maybe it is just me and I'm rambling.

Mike Hawthorne said...

I think any artist will tell you that the longer you're on a project the more you "loosen up" which usually means it also gets better. So I totally understand. It's a fine line to balance, trying to keep it looking like it did in the begining, but still allowing the material to grow. I like looking at Risso's run on 100 Bullets. The way he started, and where he is now, are totally different to me!


Brian Quinn said...

picked up issue 10 today! going to miss this book, but I'm already looking forward to whatever comes your way next.