Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Comic cross over! Fear Agent and Un-men!

It's a crossover event! Well, sorta anyway...

Here's the Fear Agent back cover, almost done or maybe done...not sure yet. Need to give it a break and come back with fresh eyes.

Oh, and it's Un-men Tuesday!


PS - Damn!


PatrickWedge said...

Painting is looking better and better each post. And the Un-Men preview....evil lab work....never a good sign. Sad to see this coming to an end.

PS: How did the art showing go?

Mike Hawthorne said...

Thanks man.

The show went really well, actually. The highlight was a question and answer thing they did for a local tv station. The turn out was very cool too! I had a great time, and am eager to get another show going ;)


PatrickWedge said...

Good to hear the show went really well. If they decide to ever post the Q/A or interview online, be sure to link it.