Sunday, February 15, 2009

G.I. Joe: Origins preview - Who drew what?

Ok, so IDW released a preview of G.I. JOE: Origins #1. There seems to be debate over it because it's unclear who drew what.

First, here's the preview.

This preview was drawn by Tom Feister, except for page four which I drew. The plan was for me to draw the second half of this issue, and the rest of the series - which is four more issues after this one. Five issues total.

Deadline issues sorta dictated that I had to draw a few pages earlier in the first half to make sure we shipped the book on time - which is why there is an odd page of mine in Feister's mix.

Here is the page in question:

Tom essentially established the style of the book, and so we decided to try and keep it similar without me trying to copy him. As the series goes on I try and slowly inject more of my approach into the art. I'm proud of how it's coming out, and I think you folks will enjoy it.

There also seems to be some mystery as to who I am. I don't do a very good job of selling who I am, since I think it's silly, but here goes...

I'm Mike Hawthorne. I've been making comics for about ten years. I've worked with every major comic publisher in America including Marvel Comics, Vertigo/DC Comics, Dark Horse, Image, Oni Press, and now IDW. My work has also seen print in Spain, France, Germany, Australia, and a bunch of other places like Mars. Maybe not Mars.

I've been nominated for the two more prestigious awards in comics - An Eisner for my work on Queen and Country, and a Harvey for my work on UMBRA.

I'm also currently penciling Fear Agent and writing and drawing a book for Vertigo.

Jenifer ( I call her "Jennie". We're pals) Garner and Huge (I call him "Huggie". Again, pals.) Jackman are my biggest fans.

In a former life i raced cars.

Oh, and I'm a super ninja badass. This is a fact, as proven in a triple blind (AKA - drunk) study by really scientific people I know from my block - like JO JO the ten speed guy, Jerry the aluminum can collector guy, and Rico with the limp.

So, hopefully this will clear things up for everyone. Hope you enjoy the book, which ships this week on Feb. 18th.



~ tOkKa said...

-->> so it's kinda like the old who's on first, Roadblock is on second, Lady Jay is on third routine.

(( This type of thing DOES happen on odd occasion ,correct ?? )).


Mike Hawthorne said...

Yeah, it's like that ;)


PatrickWedge said...

I'm guessing some of the complaining people would be the ones that would claim you drew Snake Eyes holding a Mac 10 instead of a standard issue Uzi.

That's a snazzy racing outfit too!

Mike Hawthorne said...

I think it's just that some folks don't like the preview, and assume it's just because I did it. Which, you know, I didn't. And it worries me since I don't want people to write the series off because they THINK they know what I'm doing based on something I didn't do.

Does that make sense?


~ tOkKa said...

-->> .. think so ' ..

it was more of a collaborative effort that you did but did not do and the IDW dudes , were like.

"DUDE, you gotta do this !! " ..

but what you did you kinda actually only 1/2 did..( well kinda ) and you don't want other dudes to think that what you didn't do you did.

But you also don't want what the other dude DID do to be downplayed yet also be confused with your work, Dude ..

err.. yeh ..

err .. no wait .. u m - - -

o_O ~~ **