Friday, May 29, 2009

ORIGINS #5 sneak peek

Chris Ryall posted a couple of panels from issue #5 of ORIGINS, so I figured I'd post it here too.

I finished ORIGINS #5 this week, and am really damned proud of how it turned out. More soon.



PatrickWedge said...

Cool lighting on both characters. Plus shifting the camera angle to that slightly offset, overhead angle really pumps up the drama level. Can't wait.

ANDY KUHN said...


i draw funnybooks too, and i'm a HUGE fan of your work. i just found your blog through a link on CBR.
needless to say, you're bookmarked and i'll definitely be back regularly! feel free to check out my blog if you have a minute. it's KUHNART.BLOGSPOT.COM. if you don't that's cool too, i dig your work tha most!

Mike Hawthorne said...

Pat - Thanks man! I almost went with the same angle on both, but it looked like they were side by side again - which doesn't work with a bit of the story.

ANDY! - Dude, thanks for stopping in! I love your work too! I think we were both in Matt's Grendel R,W,&B. I think we have some mutual friends too. Great to e-meet you.

I'll swing by your site and check it out.


ANDY KUHN said...

right back atcha', slick!!! :)