Friday, October 30, 2009

Drawing for fun - DREDD!

I couldn't sleep last night, and got up around 4am (don't ask) so I took the extra time to chill out and draw FOR FUN! Almost never happens anymore.

Here's one of three things I started. I'll share more over the weekend. I have this not-so-secret desire to draw a DREDD story for 2000 AD someday, and couldn't resist trying my hand at Mr. Iyamdalaw himself.

DREDD is easily the most fun I've had drawing a character in a while. All that chunky armor, the cool helmut, and that crazy face. The folks at 2000 AD have decided to allow DREDD to age in real time with the series (unlike Batman or Wolverine who never age, ever!) which I think is a great idea. It allows me to give DREDD a grizzled, Clint-like feel.

Also, apparently I have a blue period. Who knew?

Anyway, enjoy.



Dan C said...

one hell of a great Judge Dredd drawing, Mike. I'd love to see you draw a JD book. You going to send some samples to 2000 AD?


Mike Hawthorne said...

I'm trying to see if the 2000 AD folks will have me on something short. I must draw a DREDD comic before I die! ;)

seth hurley said...

Lookit that chin!

great stuff.

Mike Hawthorne said...

Thank Seth!


PJ Holden said...

Dredd strips are ALWAYS short! 6 page strips, sometimes in multiple parts (the largest are, typically four to six parts - only rarely are the longer)

Your Dredd looks great!


Mike Hawthorne said...

Thanks PJ! I would love to do it, IF I can hang with heavy weights like yourself ;)