Sunday, December 06, 2009

Drawing for fun - VIKING pt. II

Worked on this VIKING piece a little more. (See previous post, if you missed it)

I noticed while inking this that I hade made a mistake in the penciling stage. I made the left side of his face too narrow, and it didn't match the right. I wanted this pretty symmetrical to create a stone monument-like feel for this character, so I used an old trick I learn in high school art class. I took a sheet of tracing paper and traced off the "correct" side of the face, flipped that over and put it under the existing drawing and lined it up down the middle. Then I light boxed the corrections onto the actual drawing with a non-photo blue pencils and continued inking. I made sure to fudge parts of it to keep it from looking TOO symmetrical and creating a fake, robotic look to the man.

Anyway, more soon as I get time to work on it.


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