Tuesday, December 08, 2009

An Ode to John G

Yesterday, amongst all the bills and junk, a familiar package was waiting in my mailbox. It was a package from my favorite underground, over head, madman - John G. A.K.A. J.grit. I knew it was from him cause he always sends this fat envelopes full of his latest swag and swagger. This one was especially great because it contained the newest vol. of his ever growing CAVE MAN DIARIES. I have all six volumes, from back when they were just b&w mini-zines. Now it's full color and bound and super badass. But one thing hasn't changed, it's all John G. No way to describe it. Just go check out his site for an idea of what's in it.

I met John for the first time at a con in Philly years and years ago. Ivan Brandon introduced him to me, this grizzly dude in a wheel chair carrying a bag full of mini comics. He said he was a fan of my original HYSTERIA series, (the self published one no one read). He held out this gnarly, filthy hand (grime from wheeling OVER Philly in the rain) and I knew this was gonna be my dude for years to come. John, like me, grew up on BMX. He had an accident that put him in a wheel chair, but I'll be damned it did NOT slow him down. John goes everywhere, does everything, no excuses and no limits. He's so insanely prolific, which is doubly impressive when you realize he can't feel his hands.

I draw too much. Sometimes, if I push it, it leads to pain in my wrists and knuckles. I went too hard for too many years and it's catching up. Every time it flares up, I think of John. Then I suck it the fuck up and get back to drawing.

I guess that's why i wanted to write this little Ode to my bro. He's been an inspiration to me because of his attitude, but mostly his work.

John's "Grendel" is Skullface. Here's a version I drew of him in 2005.

I read one of John's early Skullface comics, which was all written in rhyme, and fell in love. I begged him to do an "album" with me. Long form, all lyrical badassedness.

Anyone that knows me knows that one of my goals in life is to DRAW the next great Hip-hop album, and I hope that someday THIS Is it. (Or one with DOOM, but that's another story)

John and I have been simmering ideas for a long while now, and I think that in the coming year this soup is gonna be ready. And WHOA unto thee when we drop it because it's gonna be some heavy shit. It will not succeed finacially, Hollywood will not pick it up, a big publisher will not do a collected hardcover definitive edition, HELL it's not even gonna be a printed comic in the traditional sense, but it WILL fucking change you and how you see comics. That's for sure.


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